Location: Floating Island

Installation Zero

 Kevin, Rebecca, and Adam Williams

           Placed facing east amidst the salty plains of Utah, we the Williams siblings have installed a set of 1970’s camper van chairs along with its accompanying side table, upon a ridge of The Floating Island deep within the Salt Flats. By doing so we hope that others may find it, camp by it, make and sip coffee on it, and watch the sun rise. Here we provide the viewer with the most beautiful moving image one could ask for.

40°55'08.5"N 113°37'51.2"W








7 comments on “Location: Floating Island

  1. I really enjoyed seeing my beautiful children in these pictures. It makes me cry because I miss you all so much! Looks like you are having lots of fun together which makes me happy. you are very creative. I love those chairs. I would definitely sit and have a cup of coffee and watch the sun rise. You all look healthy and I thank God for keeping you safe. I love you all! xoxoxoxo


  2. I am currently walking across America, Savannah, GA to San Francisco, CA.

    Imagine my surprise to find these wonderful chairs just as I needed a place to sit down for a moment. Thank you for this. It is a beautiful addition to the Earth’s canvas.

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      • Once I made it into Salt Lake a friend living in Sandy picked us up and we stayed for about a week. We decided to drive out to the Flats last night and camped at the bottom of the floating island.

        I awoke to watch the sunrise and walked a few miles out into the flats. When I turned around, I saw how much bigger the structure was… As I had not seen it in the light. I decided to climb to the top.

        When I came up the side, I saw the chairs from the opposits side. I thought it was a geocache, but, as we both know… It was something much more beautiful. 🙂

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    • Hello Dave! You are the second person to find the chairs (that we know of.) My brothers and I are so glad people are getting to enjoy them!!!! Your welcome and thank you!


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